Spectrum 2.0 – Show Phylogenetic Information in a Data Set

Spectrum 2.0


Spectrum is a program designed to read in a data file comprising aligned character arrays (such as DNA sequence data) or distance data in the form of a matrix, and perform some simple spectral analysis procedures on that data.The input file format is NEXUS, as used in PAUP and MacClade.The program reads in phylogenetic 4-state or binary data, or distance data, and outputs the bipartition spectra corresponding to the data. It can also be used it to find the tree whose expected spectrum is closest to your observed spectrum (the “closest tree” and “Manhattan tree”– see the manual). Spectrum outputs spectra in Excel format as tab-delimited text files and trees as TreeView files.



Dr. Michael Charleston



  • Windows / Macintosh




Please register your copy of Spectrum! It costs nothing, and if you register I can keep you up to date with bugs, bug fixes, updates etc. E-mail me to register.

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