SigTran 3.0.4 – Cell Signaling Simulation Software

SigTran 3.0.4


SigTran is a modeling environment especially designed to enable biological researchers to carry out large scale simulations and analysis of complex signal transduction networks. SigTran is being used by the UW/CSI modeling team to aid in their systems biology research into T cell signal tranduction events.


SigTran has incorporated some of the latest developments in the field of stochastic simulation of biological networks. Some of these major developments include the Firth-Bray algorithm with molecular complexes treated as software objects with multistate functionality , Shimizu’s work on spatial organization of cell signaling pathways and the algorithmic enhancements of Gibson and others to the Gillespie algorithm.


The Cell Systems Initiative



  • Windows/ Linux / Mac OsX
  • JAVA




SigTran is freely available for downloading and testing. Questions and comments should be directed to the Modeling Group at Cell Systems Initiative

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