SBSI CellDesigner Plugin 20111025 – Bridge Functionalities of CellDesigner & SBSI

SBSI CellDesigner PluginĀ 20111025


SBSI CellDesigner Plugin is to bridge the functionalities of CellDesigner and SBSI. This way a user will have the ability to design his models in CellDesigner and then optimize them using SBSI without the need to switch between programs thus raising his productivity.


SBSI CellDesigner Plugin draws a model that is already open in CellDesigner and using a dialog, helps the user to configure the optimization for the particular model. The dialog prevents the user from creating a configuration that is not compatible with the optimization framework. On top of that it provides the user the ability to track any jobs that have been submitted to a remote server and with the ability to plot the results of the optimization.


Centre for Systems Biology at University of Edinburgh




SBSI CellDesigner Plugin


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