PAP 7.1 /jPAP 1.7.1 – Pedigree Analysis Package

PAP 7.1 /jPAP 1.7.1


PAP (Pedigree Analysis Package) is a package of programs for computing likelihoods or simulating phenotypes on pedigree members using genetic models. Version 7.1(1) is the latest release in a long line of console-driven implementations. The package may be used for segregation analysis, variance components analysis, linkage analysis, measured genotype analysis, transmission disequilibrium testing, or genetic model fitting. It is distributed as the FORTRAN source. A large suite of examples, keyed to the manual, is included.


jPAP (Java Pedigree Analysis Package) is a document-driven GUI edition of PAP, intended to replace and extend the older console programs.


Sandra J. Hasstedt



  • Linux/windows/MacOsX
  • Java





Hum Hered. 2011;72(4):258-63. Epub 2011 Dec 23.
Detecting pleiotropy and epistasis using variance components linkage analysis in jPAP.
Hasstedt SJ, Thomas A.

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