Manatee 2.23.1 – Functional Annotation

ManateeĀ 2.23.1


Manatee is a web-based tool used to perform manual functional annotation. It has been specifically designed to optimize the ability of curators to evaluate all available sequence-based and experimental data to assign the best possible annotation to a given gene product.Manatee allows users to view, modify, and store annotation through interactions with an underlying relational database where all of the information is stored. Manatee supports the storage of multiple types of functional annotation including protein names, gene symbols, EC numbers, Gene Ontology terms, and associated supporting evidence. In addition, Manatee provides summary views of statistics and information from the genome as a whole.


JCVI Manatee

IGS Manatee

Manatee Online Version


J. Craig Venter Institute

Institute for Genome Sciences







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The IGS Standard Operating Procedure for Automated Prokaryotic Annotation.
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