HillSim 1.0 – Signaling System Analyzer

HillSim 1.0


HillSim is a computer program for analyzing and optimizing signaling system models.  HillSim analyzes and optimizes models of biological signaling networks. An input, nodes, and arrows comprise signaling system models: the input is typically some extra-cellular chemical, such as the alpha-factor pheromone for the yeast pheromone response system; nodes typically represent signaling proteins, and have activities that can vary from fully inactive to fully active; and arrows create causal links between the nodes so that signaling proteins can activate or inactivate each other.  Arbitrarily complex network topologies can be modeled, including those with feedbacks, feedforwards, or arrows that multiply the activities of multiple nodes.



Steve Andrews


Command Line


  • Windows / Linux / Mac OsX


HillSim for Mac/Linux ; for Win



Andrews, Steven S., Yu, Richard. C., and Brent, Roger.  (2008).  Cell signaling dose response alignment may arise from cooperativity or pull-up/pull-down mechanisms.  Molecular Systems Biology, submitted.

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