EuGène 4.2a – Gene Finder for Eukaryotic Organisms

EuGene 4.2a


EuGene is an open gene finder for eukaryotic organisms. Compared to most existing gene finders, EuGene is characterized by its ability to simply integrate arbitrary sources of information in its prediction process. As most existing gene finders, EuGene can exploit probabilistic models like Markov models for discriminating coding from non coding sequences or to discriminate effective splice sites from false splice sites (using various mathematical models). Beyond this EuGene is able to integrate information from several signal (splice site, translation start…) prediction software, similarity with existing sequences (EST, mRNA, 5’/3′ EST from full length mRNA, proteins, genomic homologuous sequences) and output of existing gene finders… Based on all the available information, EuGene will output a prediction of maximal score i.e., maximally consistent with the information provided.



EuGene team




  • Linux/ Mac OsX





Nucleic Acids Res. 2003 Jul 1;31(13):3742-5.
EUGENE’HOM: A generic similarity-based gene finder using multiple homologous sequences.
Foissac S, Bardou P, Moisan A, Cros MJ, Schiex T.

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