DS Visualizer 4.5 & ActiveX Control 4.5 – Molecular Visualization

DS Visualizer 4.5 & ActiveX Control 4.5


Discovery Studio® Visualizer allows you to view and edit molecular structures, sequences and sequence alignments and Perl scripts created with the Discovery Studio and other applications. It provides a convenient interface for everyday data analysis tasks and enables you to share and view data with other collaborators.


The Discovery Studio Visualizer is a free viewer that can be used to open data generated by other software in the Discovery Studio product line. It is designed to offer an interactive environment for viewing and editing molecular structures, sequences, X-ray reflection data, scripts, and other data. It also provides a rich set of viewers for displaying plots and other graphical representations of data. The application runs on Windows and Linux and is a fully integrated desktop environment that provides access to standard operating system features such as the file system, clipboard, and printing services.

The Visualizer supports a wide variety of industry-standard formats. In addition, it reads and writes the native formats used by the Discovery Studio product suite, making it easy to view the results of colleagues who work with Accelrys products. It also integrates with your system’s clipboard, making it possible to exchange data with other applications.

A set of integrated analysis functions are provided that allows you to compute basic properties of molecules and sequences. The Visualizer also provides access to the Discovery Script Perl Application Programming Interface (API), which enables you to create new analysis tools and to automate common tasks.

The Discovery Studio® Visualizer ActiveX Control is a free product that provides a viewer that can be embedded in web browsers, PowerPoint presentations, and other Microsoft documents. You can use the Discovery Studio Visualizer ActiveX Control to offer your content via Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft PowerPoint slides, or within your own custom application.





  • Windows / Linux
  • Microsoft PowerPoint / IE


DS Visualizer  & ActiveX Control


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