CellBlender 3.5.0 – Blender addon for Creation, Simulation, Visualization, and analysis of 3D Cell Models

CellBlender 3.5.0


CellBlender is an addon for Blender-2.6x to create computational cell biology models for use in MCell and potentially other cell simulation biophysics engines. In CellBlender 0.49 you can create geometric objects, assign surface regions to said objects, export the objects as MCell MDL geometry files, set MCell simulation parameters, import a time-series of MCell VIZ_OUTPUT, and interactively playback or render an animation of the VIZ_OUTPUT. MDL import along with other features will be added in future versions.


CellBlender is replacing PSC_DX and DReAMM as the primary tool to visualize MCell simulations.


The National Center for Multiscale Modeling of Biological Systems (MMBioS)








Stiles, JR, and Bartol, TM. (2001).
Monte Carlo methods for simulating realistic synaptic microphysiology using MCell.
In: Computational Neuroscience: Realistic Modeling for Experimentalists, ed. De Schutter, E. CRC Press, Boca Raton, pp. 87-127.

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