DAGchainer 20080206 – Computing Chains of Syntenic Genes in Complete Genomes

DAGchainer 20080206


DAGchainer identifies chains of gene pairs sharing conserved order between genomic regions, by identifying paths through a directed acyclic graph (DAG).DAGchainer software computes chains of syntenic genes found within complete genome sequences. As input, DAGchainer accepts a list of gene pairs with sequence homology along with their genome coordinates. Using a scoring function which accounts for the distance between neighboring genes on each DNA molecule and the BLAST E-value score between homologs, maximally scoring chains of ordered gene pairs are computed and reported. This algorithm can be used to mine large evolutionary conserved regions of genomes between two organisms. Alternatively, by examining colinear sets of homologous genes found within a single genome, segmental genome duplications can be revealed.



Brian Haas







Haas BJ, Delcher AL, Wortman JR, Salzberg SL.
DAGchainer: a tool for mining segmental genome duplications and synteny.
Bioinformatics. 2004 Dec 12;20(18):3643-6

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