ChemDraw Ultra / ChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Viewer 15.0 / ChemDraw for iPad 2.0.1 – Draw / View Chemical Structures

ChemDraw Ultra/ ChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Viewer 15.0 / ChemDraw for iPad 2.0.1


ChemDraw is the industry standard software used by scientists worldwide to draw accurate, chemically-aware structures for use in database queries, preparation of publication-quality graphics, and entry for modeling and other programs that require an electronic description of molecules and reactions. ChemDraw is the fastest, most accurate way to prepare chemical structures, with the highest-quality structure display both on-screen and for publication, and the most advanced and chemically intelligent drawing conventions. ChemDraw is the gold standard for chemical drawing, publication, and query preparation.
The following are some of the features that complement the drawing capabilities:


* Chemical Warnings
* Customized arrow tools
* Structure perspective tool
* Stereochemistry

ChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Viewer allows you to query online databases and view & publish online structures. This installer will automatically install the necessary Plugin or ActiveX controls based on your web browser(s).

ChemDraw for iPad has all the rigorous chemical intelligence you’ve come to expect from the desktop version, plus all the convenience of a mobile app.


CambridgeSoft Corporation.



  • Windows / Mac OsX / IPad


ChemDraw Ultra TrialChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Viewer , ChemDraw for iPad


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