CAVER 3.02 / CAVER Analyst 2.0 – software tool for Protein Analysis and Visualization

CAVER 3.02 / CAVER Analyst 2.0


CAVER is a software tool for analysis and visualization of tunnels and channels in protein structures. Tunnels are void pathways leading from a cavity buried in a protein core to the surrounding solvent. Unlike tunnels, channels lead through the protein structure and their both endings are opened to the surrounding solvent. Studying of these pathways is highly important for drug design and molecular enzymology.


CAVER can be used either as PyMol plugin or independent application CAVER Analyst.


Protein Engineering Group, Loschmidt Laboratories




  • Windows/Linux/MacOsX
  • Java


 CAVER / CAVER Analyst 



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CAVER Analyst 1.0: Graphic tool for interactive visualization and analysis of tunnels and channels in protein structures.
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CAVER 3.0: a tool for the analysis of transport pathways in dynamic protein structures.
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