Bio-PEPA Workbench 1.0 – Bench of Language for the Modelling & the Analysis of Biochemical Networks

Bio-PEPA Workbench 1.0


Bio-PEPA is a language for the modelling and the analysis of biochemical networks.It is based on PEPA, a process algebra originally defined for the performance analysis of computer systems, and extends it in order to handle some features of biochemical networks, such as stoichiometry and different kinds of kinetic laws. A main feature of Bio-PEPA is the possibility to support different kinds of analysis, including stochastic simulation, analysis based on ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and model checking in PRISM.


Bio-PEPA Workbench is an implementation of Bio-PEPA which allows modellers to write models in the Bio-PEPA language and to animate them using stochastic simulation.


Stephen Gilmore , The Centre for Systems Biology at Edinburgh





Bio-PEPA Workbench



F. Ciocchetta and J. Hillston.
Bio-PEPA: a Framework for the Modelling and Analysis of Biochemical Networks.
Theoretical Computer Science 410 (33-34), pp. 3065-3084, 2009.

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