Belvu 20120403 – Multiple Alignments Viewer

BelvuĀ 20120403


Belvu is an X-windows viewer for multiple sequence alignments. One of the main advantages of Belvu is that it has an extensive set of modes to color the residues. There are several ways to color them by conservation and by residue type (user-configurable). Other useful features are fetching of the Swissprot (or PIR) entries by double clicking and easy tracking of the position in the alignment.


In addition, Belvu is a phylogenetic tool. It can be used to generate distance matrices between sequences under a selection of distance metrics. These can be saved and used subsequently in other applications. Belvu also implements certain distance-based tree reconstruction algorithms – including import of externally generated distance matrices – and bootstrap phylogenetic reconstruction. These functions are available both in the GUI (meaning Belvu may also be used as a tree viewer) or as command-line options, making the program a potential component in phylogenetic software pipelines.


Sonnhammer Bioinformatics Group



  • Linux / Windows / MacOsX





Scoredist: A simple and robust protein sequence distance estimator
Erik LL Sonnhammer and Volker Hollich
BMC Bioinformatics 6:108 (2005)

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