YANAsquare 201212 / YANAvergence – Integrated Network Reconstruction, Visualization and Analysis

YANAsquare 201212 / YANAvergence


YANA has been upgraded and replaced by his successor, YANAsquare software package


YANAsquare is an application software for rapid setup, visualization and analysis of small, larger and genome-scale metabolic networks.

YANAvergence is an important extension to YANAsquare software, which allows integrating more expermental data to inspect the adaptation of metabolic network under different stresses, conditions.


LEHRSTUHL FüR BIOINFORMATIKUniversity of Würzburg, Germany




  • Windows / Mac /  Linux
  • Java
  • R package


 YANAsquare/ YANAvergence



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