WPDB 2.2 – The Protein Data Bank Through Windows

WPDB 2.2


WPDB is a Microsoft Windows based program for browsing and interrogating native and derived structural features of biological macromolecules using data obtained from the Protein Data Bank (PDB). Major features of WPDB are a 20-fold compression of PDB files and query and analysis tools. The latter permit the geometric and sequence properties of structures to be analyzed individually or through comparative analysis. The object oriented software design provides a high level of interaction between display windows which facilitates information discovery.


WPDB is useful for detailed analysis of a single structure or comparative analysis of two or more structures. It comes with a variety of databases. Alternatively, you can build your own database from PDB files with the WPDB Loader (WPDBL).

WPDBL Used to build a WPDB database from PDB files for access by the WPDB program. Prebuilt databases of a complete PDB distribution are available already built in the ../ directory.


Ilya Shindyalov and Phil Bourne



  • Windows




Those using WPDB should cite:
I.N.Shindyalov and P.E.Bourne J. App. Cryst. 1995, 28(6) 847-852. WPDB A PC-based Tool for Analyzing Protein Structure. [Postscript]

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