VARNA 3-93 – Java pplet for Drawing the Secondary Structure of RNA

VARNA 3-93


VARNA (Viral Associated RNAs) is Java lightweight Applet dedicated to drawing the secondary structure of RNA. It is also a Swing component that can be very easily included in an existing Java code working with RNA secondary structure to provide a fast and interactive visualization.Being free of fancy external library dependency and/or network access, the VARNA Applet can be used as a base for a standalone applet. It looks reasonably good and scales up or down nicely to adapt to the space available on a web page, thanks to the anti-aliasing drawing primitives of Swing.


Created by: Kevin Darty,  Alain Denise and Yann Ponty (



  • Windows / MacOsX / Linux
  • Java





VARNA: Interactive drawing and editing of the RNA secondary structure
Kévin Darty, Alain Denise and Yann Ponty
Bioinformatics, pp. 1974-1975, Vol. 25, no. 15, 2009

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