Vaa3D 2.921 – Bioimage Visualization & Analysis

Vaa3D 2.921


Vaa3D (former, V3D, 3D Visualization-Assisted Analysis) is a handy, fast, and versatile 3D/4D/5D Image Visualization & Analysis System for Bioimages & Surface Objects. V3D is a cross-platform (Mac, Linux, and Windows) tool for visualizing large-scale (gigabytes, and 64-bit data) 3D image stacks and various surface data. It is also a container of powerful modules for 3D image analysis (cell segmentation, neuron tracing, brain registration, annotation, quantitative measurement and statistics, etc) and data management. This makes V3D suitable for various bioimage informatics applications, and a nice platform to develop new 3D image analysis algorithms for high-throughput processing. In short, V3D streamlines the workflow of visualization-assisted analysis.



Peng Lab @ JANELIA of HHMI



  • Windows / Linux / Mac OsX





Peng, H., Ruan, Z., Long, F., Simpson, J.H., and Myers, E.W. (2010)
V3D enables real-time 3D visualization and quantitative analysis of large-scale biological image data sets,”
Nature Biotechnology, Vol. 28, No. 4, pp. 348-353, DOI: 10.1038/nbt.1612.

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