TiCo 2.1 – Postprosessing of Gene Predictions for Prokaryotes

TiCo 2.1


TiCo (for ‘TIs COrrector’) is a tool for postprocessing predictions of prokaryotic genes with the objective to improve the accuracy of annotated Translation Initiation Sites (TIS).Currently the tool can be used to analyze and reannotate predictions obtained by the program GLIMMER2.x (Delcher et al., 1999). The underlying algorithm of TiCo is based on a completely unsupervised method for scoring potential translation starts. The method works without specific assumptions about characteristic sequence features such as Shine-Dalgarno motifs or start codon usage. In addition, empirical thresholds have been avoided in order to prevent the algorithm from specialization with respect to particular test data.

TiCo Online Version


the Department of Bioinformatics of the University of Göttingen




  • Linux / Windows
  • Java





Maike Tech, Burkhard Morgenstern, Peter Meinicke (2006).
TICO: a tool for postprocessing the predictions of prokaryotic translation initiation sites.
Nucleic Acids Res.,Web Server issue, 34.

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