KGGSeq 1.1 / wKGGSeq 20150119 – Genomic and Genetic studies using Sequence data

KGGSeq 1.1 / wKGGSeq 20150119


KGGSeq (Genomic and Genetic studies using Sequence data) is a software platform constituted of Bioinformatics and statistical genetics functions making use of valuable biologic resources and knowledge for sequencing-based genetic mapping of variants/genes responsible for human diseases/traits. Simply, KGGSeq is like a fishing rod facilitating geneticists to fish the genetic determinants of human diseases/traits in the big sea of DNA sequences. Compared with other genetic tools like plink/seq, KGGSeq paid more attention downstream analysis of genetic mapping. Currently, a comprehensive and efficient framework was newly implemented on KGGSeq to filter and prioritize genetic variants from whole exome sequencing data.

wKGGSeq is a framework facilitating comprehensive downstream analysis of next-generation sequencing data to identify causal mutation of human diseases for basic research and clinic diagnosis.


Miao-xin Li, JJWang Lab




  • Windows / Linux / MacOSX
  • Java





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