Serial NetEvolve 1.0 – A flexible utility for generating serially-sampled Sequences along a Tree or Recombinant Network

Serial NetEvolve 1.0


Serial NetEvolve is a modification of the Treevolve program in which serially sampled sequences are evolved along a randomly generated coalescent tree or network (Grassly et al. 1999; Hudson 1983; Kingman 1982) . Treevolve offers a variety of evolutionary model and population parameters including a rate of recombination and as such it was chosen over other programs to be adapted for the simulation of serially sampled data. The new features include the choice of either a clock-like model of evolution or a variable rate of evolution, simulation of serial samples and the output of the randomly generated tree or network in Newick format or in our newly formulated NeTwick format.


Bioinformatics Research Group (BioRG)




  • Linux / Windows / MacOsX
  • C Compiler


 Serial NetEvolve



Bioinformatics. 2006 Sep 15;22(18):2313-4. Epub 2006 Jul 14.
Serial NetEvolve: a flexible utility for generating serially-sampled sequences along a tree or recombinant network.
Buendia P, Narasimhan G.