QDD 3.1.2 / QDD-VM 3.1.2 – Select Microsatellite Markers and Design Primers

QDD 3.1.2 / QDD-VM 3.1.2


QDD is an open access program providing a user-friendly tool for microsatellite detection and primer design from large sets of DNA sequences. The program is designed to deal with all steps of treatment of raw sequences obtained from pyrosequencing of enriched DNA libraries, but it is also applicable to data obtained through other sequencing methods, using FASTA files as input.

QDD-VM (QDD in a virtual machine) is an easy but greedy installation. The virtual machine (VM) comes with QDD and (almost) all its dependencies installed in a Galaxy server.


Emese Meglécz and Jean-François Martin







Meglécz, E., Costedoat, C., Dubut, V., Gilles, A., Malausa, T., Pech, N., Martin, J.F. 2010.
QDD: a user-friendly program to select microsatellite markers and design primers from large sequencing projects.
Bioinformatics 2010; Vol. 26,3 : 403-404; doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btp670.