Pathoscope 2.0.6 / Clinical PathoScope 1.0.4 – Species Identification and Strain Attribution with Unassembled Sequencing data

Pathoscope 2.0.6  / Clinical PathoScope 1.0.4


Pathoscope takes a next-generation sequencing reads from a mixture sample of multiple strains of genomes and it predicts which genomes potentially belongs there. Different from most of approach including composition method or similarity search with a daunting task of de novo assembly, the software applies the propagation of evidence in the Bayesian framework to an initial alignment result and reassign an correct membership of mapping by using the expectation and maximization algorithm.

Clinical Pathoscope is a program to identify pathogens/commensals/contaminants in unassembled sequencing reads.


W. Evan Johnson Lab




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PathoScope 2.0: a complete computational framework for strain identification in environmental or clinical sequencing samples.
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