SeqWare 1.1.1 – Tool Set to work with Next Generation Genome Sequencers

SeqWare 1.1.1


SeqWare currently provides four tools specifically designed to support massively parallel sequencing technologies (Illumina, ABI SOLiD, 454). The first is a LIMS web application (SeqWare LIMS) to manage samples, record computational events, and present results back to end users. The second component is a pipeline (SeqWare Pipeline) which consists of many different programs useful for processing and annotating sequence data. These can be combined with other tools (BFAST, BWA, SAMtools, etc) and strung together to form more complex workflows to support many experiment types. Third, a query tool (SeqWare Query Engine) is available to database and query variants and other events inferred from sequence data. Finally, SeqWare MetaDB provides a common database to store metadata used by all components. All four tools can be used together or separately.


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Brian D O’Connor, Barry Merriman and Stanley F Nelson
SeqWare Query Engine: storing and searching sequence data in the cloud
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