Genbank_to_Fasta 1.1 – Genbank/EMBL to FASTA Conversion Tool

Genbank_to_Fasta 1.1


Genbank_to_Fasta is designed to accept a GenBank or EMBL format file, and convert it to a FASTA file. You have control over what kind of sequence gets extracted, and how the header line is written. Select a GenBank or EMBL format file to upload containing a feature table. Select the file format. Choose the delimiter characters that will separate the qualifiers from one another in the header line. Select whether to extract translated amino acid sequences, DNA sequence for each feature, or the entire DNA sequence of the whole record. To choose how your header line appears, designate the names of the qualifiers, one per field, in the order that you want them to appear in the FASTA header line.


the Rocap lab




  • Linux/MacOsX / Windows
  • Python