Cellware 3.0.1 – Modeling & Simulation Tool for Modeling Cellular Transactions

Cellware 3.0.1


Cellware is a new modeling and simulation tool for modeling cellular transactions.Cellware has been designed to model whole cell biochemical reactions. Besides the capabilities of simulating biochemical pathways that consist of gene regulation networks and metabolic pathways, Cellware also includes analysis tools like parameter estimation and graph layout algorithms.

Cellware has not only been designed to conduct modeling and simulation of gene regulatory and metabolic pathways but also offer an integrated environment for diverse mathematical representations, parameter estimation and optimization. In addition, a user-friendly graphical display and capability to run large and complex models would be provided by default. A very special feature of Cellware is that it would be the first grid based modeling and simulation tool in the field of Systems Biology


Systems Biology Group ,Bioinformatics Institute, Singapore



  • Windows/ Linux / Mac OsX
  • JAVA


Cellware ; manual



Tan Chee Meng, Sandeep Somani, Li Ye, Anand Sairam, Zhu Hao, Arun Krishnan, Kishore Sakharkar, Pawan Dhar “Cellware: The Grid-Enabled Tool for Cell Modeling And Simulation”, Bioinformatics 2004