CAIC v.2.6.9 / MacroCAIC – Calculates Phylogenetically Independent Contrasts in one or more Variables

CAIC v.2.6.9 / MacroCAIC


CAIC is a freeware comparative analysis package to find and calculates phylogenetically independent contrasts in one or more variables enabling you to test hypotheses of correlated evolution.

MacroCAIC is a software for macroevolutionary trends via comparative analysis. MacroCAIC performs a specialised subset of this analysis, looking at correlates of species richness. From user supplied phylogenies and datasets (describing traits values for members of the phylogeny) MacroCAIC can calculate correlates of species richness, i.e. which traits are associated with abnormal speciation. The phylogeny is used to make these correlations independent, to divorce them from the confounding effects of descent. Traits may be continuous or discrete, and not every trait value need be known for every clade in the phylogeny. Phylogenies may be species level or higher (e.g. genus), dated or undated (i.e. with or without branch-lengths).


Purvis Lab




  • Macintosh / R package


 CAIC / MacroCAIC / CAIC for R



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