Statistical Genetics Utility 201411 – Set of Small Executable Statistical Genetics Programs

Statistical Genetics Utility 201411


2BY2 program — Fisher’s exact test in 2×2 table, 1sided and 2sided p-values
3BY3 program — Haplotype frequencies and D’ for pair of SNPs
BINOM program  — Compute confidence interval on proportions
CHIPROB program — Compute p-values for chi-square with n df
CONTING program — Compute chi-square and p-value for contingency table
HET program — Heterozygosity estimates for codominant marker systems
HIST program — Quick screen histogram from a set of observations
HWE program — Test Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE)
HWE2 program — Exact test of HWE for biallelic markers (SNPs)
IBD program — Compute IBD probabilities for 2-locus disease model
LODS program — Equivalent numbers of recombinants from lod score curve, and lods for numbers of recombinants
MAPFUN program — Apply map functions to recombination fractions
NOCOM program — Analyze mixture of normals possibly with power transformation
NORINV program — Find normal deviate for given tail (error) probability
NORPROB program — Find tail (error) probability from given normal deviate
ODDSRATIO program — homogeneity of OR in 2 x 2 tables
PAR program — Compute Population Attributable Risk
PVALUES program — Combine independent p-values by Fisher and Z method
RELRISK program — replaced by ODDSRATIO program
SEXDIF program — Convert male-female recombination fractions to map distances
TPROB program — Find p-value associated with given t statistic
TREND program — Compute chi-square for trend in 2 x 3 table of genotypes


Jurg Ott, Ph.D.




  • Windows


  Statistical Genetics Utility



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