StatAlign 3.2 – Bayesian Analysis of Protein, DNA and RNA Sequences

StatAlign 3.2


StatAlign is an extendable software package for Bayesian analysis of Protein, DNA and RNA sequences. Multiple alignments, phylogenetic trees and evolutionary parameters are co-estimated in a Markov Chain Monte Carlo framework, allowing for reliable measurement of the accuracy of the results.



StatAlign team



  • Linux/Windows/MacOsx
  • Java




Aádám Novák, István Miklós, Rune Lyngsø and Jotun Hein
StatAlign: an extendable software package for joint Bayesian estimation of alignments and evolutionary trees
Bioinformatics (2008) 24 (20): 2403-2404.

Arunapuram P, Edvardsson I, Golden M, Anderson JW, Novák A, Sükösd Z, Hein J (2013)
StatAlign 2.0: Combining statistical alignment with RNA secondary structure prediction. 
Bioinformatics,2013 Mar 1;29(5):654-5. doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btt025.

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