SplazerS 1.1 – Detect Genomic Indel Variants with exact Breakpoints in Single- and Paired-end Sequencing

SplazerS 1.1


SplazerS (Split Read Mapping as a branch of RazerS) is a tool for mapping reads containing structural variants, implemented in the highly efficient SeqAn C++ software library. SplazerS employs “split” read mapping, where prefix and suffix match of a read may be interrupted by a longer gap. This split read mapping is useful in the context of mRNA sequencing, where introns cause so-called junction reads that span exon-exon boundaries, or for the detection of small to medium-sized insertions and deletions in genomic data.


 Anne-Katrin Emde, David Weese, Marcel Schulz, Stefan Haas, and Knut Reinert




  • Linux / Mac / Windows





Anne-Katrin Emde et al.
Detecting genomic indel variants with exact breakpoints in single- and paired-end sequencing data using SplazerS
Bioinformatics (2012) 28 (5): 619-627.

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