SPALN 2.3.3f – Mapping and Alignment of a set of cDNA Sequences onto a Genomic Sequence

SPALN 2.3.3f


Spaln (space-efficient spliced alignment) is a stand-alone program that maps and aligns a set of cDNA or protein sequences onto a whole genomic sequence in a single job. Spaln adopts multi-phase heuristics that makes it possible to perform the job on a conventional personal computer running under Unix/Linux with limited memory. The program is written in C++ and distributed as source codes and also as executables for a few platforms. Unless binaries are not provided, users must compile the program on their own system. Although the program has been tested only on a Linux operating system, it is likely to be portable to most Unix systems with little or no modifications. The accessory program sortgrcd sorts the gene loci found by spaln in the order of chromosomal position and orientation.



Computational Biology Research Center (CBRC),




  • Linux
  • C++ compiler





Gotoh, O.
A space-efficient and accurate method for mapping and aligning cDNA sequences onto genomic sequence
Nucleic Acids Research 36 (8) 2630-2638 (2008).

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