SimiTri 1.1 – Visualise Similarity Relationships for Groups of Sequences

SimiTri 1.1


SimiTri is a Java Applet to view similarity relationships between a group of genes and three other datasets – A Similarity Tirangle. The applet displays a similarity triangle in which each gene is represented as a coloured tile and each vertex of the triangle represents a dataset. The position of the tile represents it’s relative relationship to each of the datasets, the colour of the tile represents the highest BLAST score of that gene to all three datasets. A gene which is found to have a BLAST score to only two datasets will be found on the line joining the vertices that represent those datasets. Genes with a BLAST score to only one dataset would occupy the vertex representing that dataset and are not shown on the graphic.



The Blaxter Lab at The Institute of Evolutionary Biology University of Edinburgh







Parkinson, J & Blaxter, M.
SimiTri – Visualising similarity relationships for groups of sequences.
Bioinformatics (2003) 19 (3): 390-395

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