SerialEM 3.7.11 – Electron Tomography Data & Image Acquisition

SerialEM 3.7.11


SerialEM is a program to acquire tilt series for electron tomography on Tecnai and JEOL microscopes. It uses an approach based on prediction of specimen position during the tilt series from the position at previous tilts. It does not count on the microscope or the specimen being particularly well-behaved, so unless a prediction appears reliable, it falls back to measuring and adjusting defocus and/or specimen position when necessary. With this method, it achieves both the robustness of the older approach to tilt series acquisition (track and focus at every tilt) and the speed of the newer precalibration approach. A 2Kx2K, 1 degree tilt series can be acquired in about 45 minutes with a single-port readout camera or 20-25 minutes with a four-port readout camera.



The Boulder Lab for 3D Electron Microscopy



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