SeqVis 1.5 – Visualization of Compositional Heterogeneity in Large Alignments of Nucleotides

SeqVis 1.5


SeqVis is a stand-alone, platform-independent Java application developed with the aim to facilitate analysis and 3D visualization of compositional heterogeneity in species-rich alignments of nucleotide sequences. Each sequence is represented by a dot in a tetrahedron plot (i.e., an extension of the de Finetti), where the position of the dot depends uniquely on the nucleotide content of that sequence. Sequences that are compositionally different will appear as dots found in different areas within the tetrahedron. SeqVis also allows users to analyse their data set using, for example, the useful matched-pairs test of symmetry (Ababneh et al. 2006)



Lars S. Jermiin



  • Windows / MacOs / Linux / Unix
  • Java





Ho JWK, Adams CE, Lew JB, Matthews TJ, Ng CC, Shahabi-Sirjani A, Tan LH, Zhao Y, Easteal S, Wilson SR, Jermiin LS (2006).
SeqVis: Visualization of compositional heterogeneity in large alignments of nucleotides.
Bioinformatics 22, 2162-2163.

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