SeDD 20141028 – Sequence Diversity Diagram

SeDD 20141028


SeDD is designed for comparative analysis of multiple sequence alignments. The amino acid positions are laid horizontally on the x-axis. Amino acid residues and their groupings are laid on the y-axis. The grouping of amino acids based on their structure and the general chemical characteristics is visually enhanced with horizontal gaps. On this grid layout, a flow diagram is drawn to represent sequence alignment frequency and each sample is color-coded. The line weight represents the relative frequency of residues at the two consecutive positions with respect to the total number of sequences. By linking two adjacent positions, it visualizes the sequential frequency and co-occurrence between two adjacent positions. By overlaying two samples, both the conserved and diverse positions are studied in a single figure.


Bioinformatics Research Group, Belgium




  • Linux / WIndows / MacOsX
  • Java