SBMLToolbox 4.1.0 – SBML models toolbox for MATLAB users

SBMLToolbox 4.1.0


SBMLToolbox is built on top of libSBML and provides a set of basic functions allowing SBML models to be used in MATLAB. SBMLToolbox provides functions for reading, writing, and validating SBML models; viewing model structures in a simple GUI; converting models into a symbolic form suitable for use with MATLAB’s Symbolic Math Toolbox; and simulate models using MATLAB’s ordinary differential equation solvers.

SBMLToolbox works by translating SBML models to/from a MATLAB structure calledMATLAB_SBML. It provides facilities for manipulating this and its substructures within MATLAB, as well as functions for saving and loading MATLAB_SBML structures to/from MATLAB data files.


Sarah Keating



  • Windows/ Linux / Mac OsX


SBMLToolbox ; Manual



Keating, S. M., Bornstein, B. J., Finney, A., and Hucka M. (2006) SBMLToolbox: an SBML toolbox for MATLAB users. Bioinformatics, 22(10):1275–1277.

SBMLToolbox License

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