SAVR 20050411 – Semi-Automated Virus Reconstruction

SAVR 20050411


SAVR (Semi-Automated Virus Reconstruction) is a suite of programs intended to make image processing simple and rapid for icosahedral 3-D reconstructions to subnanometer resolution. SAVR, an expert system that integrates the most CPU intensive and iterative steps using Python, is portable across platforms and has been parallelized to run on both shared and distributed memory platforms. SAVR also allows the incorporation of new algorithms and facilitates the management of the increasingly large data sets needed to achieve higher resolution reconstructions.


The National Center for Macromolecular Imaging (NCMI)



  • Windows  / Linux / MacOsX
  • Python





Jiang W, Li ZL, Zhang ZX, Booth CR, Baker ML, Chiu W
Semi-Automated Icosahedral Particle Reconstruction at Sub-nanometer Resolution
Journal of Structural Biology 136, 214-225 (2001)

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