Sassign 2 – C++ & MatLab Library for Image Target Tracking

Sassign 2


SASSIGN is a tracking software based on softassign matching algorithm. sassign is C++ and MATLAB package for tracking larger numbers of closely positioned cells (landmarks) with similar geometrical characteristics through timeseries of frames where some cells may divide into two daughter cells. Each frame may contains repositioned cells from the previous frame with some of them divided into two parts, and/or a few number of outliers e.g. cells appeared/disappeared from the boundaries of the frame or miscounted due to preprocessing errors. The C++ processing module is based on an advanced version of the softassign algorithm where simulated annealing is used to minimize a global target function over all possible parent-parent or parent-daughters associations of cells. The Matlab part of the package consists of wrapper routines for running the code and building hierarchical tree of the cells evolution



Scientific Inference Systems Laboratory




  • Windows / Linux / Mac OsX




Tracking Cell Signals in Fluorescent Images; Gor et. al. (CVPR2005)

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