RSEQtools 0.6 – Analyze RNA-Seq data using Compact and Anonymized data summaries

RSEQtools 0.6


RSEQtools is a suite of tools that use Mapped Read Format (MRF) for the analysis of RNA-Seq experiments. MRF was developed to address privacy concerns associated with the potential for mRNA sequence reads to identify and genetically characterise specific individuals; it is a compact data summary format that enables anonymization of confidential sequence information, while maintaining the ability to conduct subsequent functional genomics studies. RSEQtools provides a suite of modules that convert to/from MRF data and perform common tasks such as calculating gene expression values, generating signal tracks of mapped reads, and segmenting that signal into actively transcribed regions.



Gerstein Lab








Lukas Habegger*, Andrea Sboner*, Tara A. Gianoulis, Joel Rozowsky, Ashish Agarwal, Michael Snyder, Mark Gerstein.
RSEQtools: A modular framework to analyze RNA-Seq data using compact, anonymized data summaries.
Bioinformatics (2011) 27 (2): 281-283.

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