RNA-DV 1.0 – Design & Visualization Tool for RNA Secondary Structure

RNA-DV 1.0


RNA-DV (RNA Design & Visualization) is a flexible and powerful tool targeted at visualization and modification of RNA secondary structure. Compare to existing software applications, RNA-DV set itself apart by not only providing an editing and visualization interface but also integrates thermodynamic energies for the current structure design. RNA-DV aims at providing an easy-to-use GUI for visualizing and designing RNA secondary structures. It allows users to interact directly with the RNA structure and perform operations such as changing primary sequence content and connect/disconnect nucleotide bonds. It also integrates thermodynamic energy calculations including four major energy models. RNA-DV recognizes three input formats including CT, RNAML and dot bracket (dp).



Herbert H. Tsang and Denny C. Dai .



  • Windows / MacOsX / Linux
  • Java




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