QUIKLINK 1.6 – Linkage Analyses with a Variety of Programs



QUIKLINK is a program which facilitates setting up linkage analyses using MLINK, LINKMAP, ILINK, VITESSE and MFLINK. To a large extent it performs the same functions as the LCP program supplied with the LINKAGE programs and as DOLINK, although LCP and QUIKLINK can each do things which the other cannot. The main features of QUIKLINK are that it can be used to set up standard linkage analyses quickly and easily, that it can be used in batch mode as well as interactive mode, that it can set up analyses with VITESSE and with MFLINK and that it can be used to set up analyses to estimate marker allele frequencies with ILINK. However it cannot deal with the full range of locus types and analyses which can be handled by LCP and the LINKAGE programs.


Dave Curtis


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