Pygr 0.82 – Python Graph Database Framework for Bioinformatics

Pygr 0.82


pygr is a bioinformatics toolkit for sequence analysis and comparative genomics. pygr is highly scalable (e.g. one can easily query multi-genome alignments) and easy to use

Pygr is open source software to develop graph database interfaces for the popular Python language  to make it easy to do powerful sequence and comparative genomics analyses, even with extremely large multi-genome data sets. pygr includes:

  • Code for interacting with sequence databases, search methods such as BLAST, repeat-masking, megablast, etc.;
  • Querying and working with sequence annotation databases and sequence alignment datasets;
  • A data namespace for accessing a given resource with seamless data relationship management.
  • Easy data sharing that includes transparent access over network protocols.
  • High performance graph representation and query of interval-based data.


Chris Lee, Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry,UCLA




  • Linux/Windows/Mac OsX
  • Python




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