ProMoT 0.8.5 – Process Modeling Tool

ProMoT 0.8.5


ProMoT is the Process Modeling Tool, a software for the construction and manipulation of complex technical and biological systems. ProMoT has its origins in process engineering. Together with the simulation environment Diana it provides capabilities for the development of dynamic models based on differential-algebraic equations, and their simulation and further analysis.


ProMoT team at Max Planck Institute, Magdeburg



  • Windows/ Linux
  • JAVA


ProMoT ; Documentation


ProMoT is provided without any charge for scientific purposes. The software is an open source project, distributed under the terms of the GNU General public license (GPL).


S. Mirschel, K. Steinmetz, M. Rempel, M. Ginkel and E. D. Gilles.
ProMoT: Modular Modeling for Systems BiologyBioinformatics, 25:5, 687-689, 2009.

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