PI 2.0 – Test the Assumption of Phylogenetic Independence

PI 2.0


PI ( Phylogenetic Independence) is a program  to conduct the Test For Serial Independence (TFSI) on continuously valued characters and the Runs Test on discretely valued characters (Abouheif 1999). The TFSI and Runs Test are used to test the assumption of phylogenetic independence within a set of comparative data, i.e., to test whether a trait is significantly associated with its phylogenetic history. This version of the program can perform the TFSI and Runs Test using either fully resolved phylogenetic trees or an unresolved trees (i.e. one with polytomies).



Jeff Reeve and Ehab Abouheif



  • Windows / Linux


PI for win , for Linux



Abouheif, E (1999)
A method for testing the assumption of phylogenetic independence in comparative data
Evolutionary Ecology Research 1: 895-909

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