PFT3DR 20100707 – Compute 3D Reconstruction from 2D Projections of 3D Objects



PFT3DR (PFT2/EM3DR2) is programs for computing three-dimensional reconstructions from two-dimensional projections of 3D objects.  The two programs were developed for three-dimensional electron microscopy–particularly biological macromolecules imaged by cryogenic electron microscopy.  PFT2 is used to determine orientations and origins of imaged particles.  EM3DR2 is used to compute three-dimensional reconstructions based on the orientation and origin parameters determined by PFT2 or other programs.



David Belnap team (BYU, Provo, UT)


Command Line


  • AIX/ Darwin (Mac OS X)/ IRIX (SGI)/Linux/Solaris/Tru64 (OSF1)/ OpenVMS
  • Bsoft




Citation for PFT2

Orientations and origins for windowed particles were determined via a modified version of the PFT algorithm (Baker and Cheng, 1996) altered to use both phase and amplitude information in orientation selection and to use non-icosahedral symmetries (Sanz-García et al., 2010).

Citation for EM3DR2

Three-dimensional reconstructions were computed with a Fourier-Bessel algorithm (Crowther et al., 1970; Fuller et al., 1996).

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