Pelican 1.2.1 – Pedigree Editor for LInkage Computer ANalysis

Pelican 1.2.1


Pelican is a Pedigree Editor for LInkage Computer ANalysis. It is a utility for graphically editing the pedigree data files used by programs such as FASTLINK, VITESSE, GENEHUNTER and MERLIN. It can read in and write out pedigree files, saving changes that have been made to the structure of the pedigree. Changes are made to the pedigree via a graphical display interface. The resulting display can be saved as a pedigree file and as a graphical image file.


Frank Dudbridge



  • Linux/windows/MacOsX
  • Java





F Dudbridge, T Carver, GW Williams (2004),
Pelican: pedigree editor for linkage computer analysis“,
Bioinformatics, 20(14):2327-2328.

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