PedigreeQuery 20080410 – Drawing Pedigrees step-by-step

PedigreeQuery 20080410


PedigreeQuery is a program for working with large pedigrees. Some times it is required to get chart only of some shapes of such pedigrees. PedigreeQuery was made for drawing shapes of pedigrees using step-by-step algorithm. The drawing unit is a nuclear family. New nuclear family is added to pictured shape of pedigree on each step. Enlargement of shape is making by pointing on person who is already in shape and we will called him pointer. If there are offspring or parents of the pointer which are not yet in the shape they will added to it. Step-by-step algorithm allows to draw any shape of pedigrees or whole pedigrees.


Laboratory of the Methods of Genetic Analysis , Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Novosibirsk, Russia.



  • Windows / Linux
  • Java





Genetika. 2004 Oct;40(10):1425-8.
[An algorithm of step-by-step pedigree drawing].
[Article in Russian]
Kirichenko AV.

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