ParticleStats 0.3 – Analysis of Particle Motility and Cytoskeletal Polarity

ParticleStats 0.3


ParticleStats is a web server and open source programs, which input the X,Y coordinate positions of objects in time, and output novel analyses, graphical plots and statistics for motile objects. ParticleStats comprises three separate analysis programs. First, ParticleStats:Directionality for the global analysis of polarity, for example microtubule plus end growth in Drosophila oocytes. Second, ParticleStats:Compare for the analysis of saltatory movement in terms of runs and pauses. This can be applied to chromosome segregation and molecular motor-based movements. Thirdly ParticleStats:Kymographs for the analysis of kymograph images, for example as applied to separation of chromosomes in mitosis.


Russell S. Hamilton




  • Linux/ Windows/MacOsX
  • C Compiler / Python/ Perl





Nucleic Acids Res. 2010 Jul;38(Web Server issue):W641-6. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkq542. Epub 2010 Jun 11.
ParticleStats: open source software for the analysis of particle motility and cytoskeletal polarity.
Hamilton RS, Parton RM, Oliveira RA, Vendra G, Ball G, Nasmyth K, Davis I.