OVNIp 1.4.4 – Facilitate the Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data

OVNIp 1.4.4


OVNIp is an application designed to facilitate the analysis of data obtained by mass spectrometry in proteomic approaches. Indeed, OVNIp assists the experts in their analysis. OVNIp can import data from different applications such as Mascot or ProteinLynx, and its goal is to represent them in a simple and pleasant graphical user interface to enhance the efficiency of expert analysis. This interface allows the user to explore all the data and permits validation of protein identification with control of unicity of spectrum interpretation.



Dominique Tessier



  • Linux/Windows/MacOsx
  • Java





Tessier, D.; Yclon, P.; Jacquemin, I.; Larré, C.; Rogniaux, H., 2010
OVNIp: an open source application facilitating the interpretation, the validation and the edition of proteomics data generated by MS analyses and de novo sequencing.
Proteomics, 10(9) 1794-1801 (2010).

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