OrthoSelect – Selection of Orthologs in Phylogenomics



OrthoSelect is a easy-to-install and easy-to-use tool for finding ortholog groups in EST databases. It automatically searches assembled EST sequences against databases of ortholog groups (OG), assigns ESTs to these pre-defined OGs, translates the sequences into proteins, eliminates redundant sequences assigned to the same OG, creates multiple sequence alignments of identified ortholog sequences and others the possibility to further process this alignment in a last step. OrthoSelect performes better than the best-hit selection strategy and shows reliable results re-annotating database member sequences of OrthoMCL-DB and KOG. Since a correct orthology assignment is a important prerequisite for the construction of reliable data sets, OrthoSelect is capable of producing such data sets. This makes a OrthoSelect a valuable tool for researcher dealing with large EST libraries focussing on constructing data sets for phylogenetic reconstructions.


the Department of Bioinformatics of the University of Göttingen




  • Linux / Mac OS X
  • Perl





F. Schreiber, K. Pick, D. Erpenbeck, G. W?rheide, B. Morgenstern (2009)
OrthoSelect: a protocol for selecting orthologous groups in phylogenomics
BMC Bioinformatics 10, 219

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